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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Review

This movie is another one for the short list of successful video game movie adaptations. It was successful due to 2 details the animation and its overall simplicity. The animation was the type that is simple but has the depth and details that are able to make it look just plain cool. While I like super duper realistic animation sometimes it’s nice to have something more simple. And that simplicity is why I think Super Mario Bros was able to succeed.

First, they kept the character designs simple they didn’t add unnecessary details or stray from the source. While that’s all fine and dandy for other more realistic video game movies it’s completely unnecessary for a Mario movie. Besides the characters, they also kept the world-building simple too. They didn’t bother adding any complicated explanation for stuff like how the pipes, power-ups, or even the whole other world works. By ignoring explanations for this stuff it basically gives the watcher permission to just enjoy watching Mario and company on the big screen without having to learn a whole new world system. They also made the plot simple as in it’s not really different from the games.

Basically, this whole movie was simple in a very very good way. You never had to question anything or be confused as to why they chose to do something the way they did. Plus, it truly felt like a Mario movie, so I give it a 7 out of 10.



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