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Ancient Powers (The Helsing Society book 5)

I’ve loved every other book in this series so it’s no surprise that this one is another success! But with this one, I guess you could say I had a bunch of realizations of why I love this series so much. After reading some slower-paced books I realized that my favorite part of this series is that it’s fast-paced. I never get bored and I’m constantly excited to see what happens next. Another thing I noticed while reading this one is that I quite enjoy when there are the quick little takes on modern society from the character’s viewpoints. It makes the characters seem more real, which is always a bonus. The last thing that I appreciate is surprising to me since I’m a person who has never smoked in their entire life and honestly has no desire to, but I actually really enjoy weed’s importance in this story. I think that’s because putting it in a supernatural story is a fun way to learn about a different communities culture.

Now that I’ve talked about all the sweet nice stuff that I like, let’s now talk about the shit that I love to hate!!!! FUCKING CLIFFHANGERS! Oh my gosh, I was living a nice peaceful life about to enjoy the date I’d been waiting, 6 books for, and then BAM everything was ruined! I am so damn glad that after finishing this book I learned that the next book comes out the next day. Because if I had to wait for an extended period for this to be fixed I would have rioted. And man if I don’t get my real ass date by the end of book 6… oh man will I be mad.

So this addition to The Helsing Society gets a 9 out of 10 (would have been 10 out of 10 but my long-awaited date was ruined… grrrrrrr)


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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