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I recently finished watching SOTUS S which is the second season of the Thai drama SOTUS and I loved every minute of it! It filled my heart up so much but there is 1 thing that I can’t stop thinking about. So some background, in the show one of the main characters does an internship and at the end of the internship the company throws a farewell party for the 2 interns. Like is this a thing in Thailand!? Literally I can’t stop thinking about this. Is this something that the show just made up for the plot of the show or is farewell parties for interns a thing in Thai culture? Because if it is that is insane.

Forget all the relationship drama I need to know if interns are this big of a deal in Thailand. Because if they are, sign me the hell up! Besides for the actual plot that I love so much thats one of the things that I find super interesting when I watch asian dramas. Like all the cultural differences in Thai, Korean, and Chinese dramas (to name a few) makes me wonder how many of them are actual things that happen in real life or are just made up for tv. Until I actually visit Asia I guess my precious dramas will have to be my only knowledge.


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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