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Clifford the Big Red Dog Review

I was honestly surprised by Clifford. I did not go into the theater with high hopes but luckily I was pleasantly surprised. Now it was by no means a great movie but it was definitely cute and fun. I was actually a pretty good adaptation of the original which I was not expecting at all. There were only 2ish things that kept the movie from being better then it could have been.

The first one and actually it was pretty minor problem was how they animated tiny Clifford. Clifford big was perfectly fine, he looked like a normal dog (except for the red and big part obviously). But tiny Clifford was all wrong, the best way to describe him was that they took the proportions of an adult dog shrunk it down and then shrunk his head down even more. Because his head was way to small for his body and it looked all wrong. Which thankfully was only a problem at the beginning.

Strangely enough the biggest problem for me was Jack Whitehall having an American accent? It wouldn’t have been a problem but they gave Emily Elizabeth’s mom (his characters sister) a British accent. Sure they gave a very quick explanation as to why he didn’t have an accent but it was never mentioned again ever which just confused me even more. I just kept getting pulled out of the movie because I kept thinking about what could have been the reason to get rid of his real accent. I know that that is a very minor thing which no kid would question, which is the important thing since this is a kids movie. But for me it just was an unnecessary thing to do.

Now if you ignore these minor details it was a cute movie to watch so I’d give it a 6 out of 10.



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