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Top Gun Maverick Review

Top Gun was a great movie, no doubt about it, but I find it more interesting how it measures up to the original. I am not afraid to admit that it was a million times better than the original. For me, the sequel being better can be boiled down to two main parts.

The most obvious one which anyone with eyes can agree with is the effects/filming is just so much better in every way imaginable. Just watching and listening to the movie in the theater was an amazing experience. I could actually imagine how this movie could make people want to become pilots. This movie was a prime example of why I love newer movies so much because the technology that makes them is so amazing. I can only imagine what future tech will create.

The second and more controversial take was that I believe that this movie had a much more concise and clear plot. To me, the first movie felt like it was split into 3 parts that were connected by very thin threads. I just didn’t feel like the original flowed, but Maverick on the other hand had a very straightforward plot with a clear goal. Which honestly helped me enjoy this movie so much more because I wasn’t confused about where it was going.

These 2 things put together created an extremely enjoyable movie to watch which I give a 10 out of 10.



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