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Avatar The Way of Water Review

100% worth every second of the 13 long year wait! I still love the first one and this one is just as great. It was absolutely stunning, beautiful, extraordinary, and every other word you can think of. There is no other movie that can enthrall me with nothing but random plants and animals like Avatar can. The first movie set such a high bar for amazing flora and fauna and Way of Water very easily matched and maybe even surpassed that bar. I was impressed with how much the first Avatar made me care about the natural world, and Way of Water made me care even more(I didn’t know that was possible). That’s one of the best things about this series, its ability to make you care so much about plants and animals(let alone people) that aren’t real. I feel confident in saying that no other movie has me rooting for the deaths of humans as much as Way of Water did. Whenever they burn a tree or kill an animal, I eagerly wait for karma to get them.

Another one of my favorite parts of Way of Water was the massive attention to detail in this movie, both plot-wise and character-wise. I loved seeing all the differences between the forest Navi and the water Navi. I also weirdly felt vindicated when they finally mentioned that Jake and his kids had 5 fingers while full Navi have 4. I noticed it a little while ago during one of my rewatch of the first one and ever since then I’ve been waiting for someone to mention it. Plot-wise I was freaking out every time the Sully kid’s story mirrored Jake’s story from the first one, it was the perfect way to connect the stories. That was also probably my favorite detail from Way of Water.

I of course give this movie a 10 out of 10 and I am ecstatic that I don’t have to wait another 13 years for the next one.



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