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Violent Night Review

I know it’s not Christmas anymore but I still wanted to do a review for Violent Night albeit a short one but still one. This movie was really fun to watch first off, but I think the best part was how it was super violent(obviously) but not in the horror/evil Santa way. Usually when there’s a bloody Christmas movie the bloody part comes from some super evil Santa monster so I really enjoy Santa being a badass hero taking out the bad guys. It was also a really cool idea to have Santa be a Viking in his past, it was a clever bit of lore to add to the Santa story.

The one thing though that kept this from being my new favorite Christmas movie was that it was a little too real for me. I was hoping there was going to be a bunch more magic in it. I wanted Santa to absolutely denominate the bad guys. I wanted them to have zero hope! But instead, they had like a 40/60 chance of winning. Santa’s humanness made a good movie but I would have really loved it if he was even more magical than he was. So, because of the lack of magic used in the fighting, I’d give this movie a 7 out of 10.



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