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Glass Onion Review

I really enjoyed this one, I think I even liked it better than Knives Out. Besides the great cast and characters, two more highlights stood out for me. The first of course is the perfect blending of the ridiculous and the serious. You get to enjoy the seriousness of a murder mystery(and the fun of trying to solve it before the characters do) all while laughing at the crazy antics the characters get up to. And there was never a moment where one feeling overshadowed the other, they seesawed back and forth perfectly.

The other highlight for me was the progression of the narrative, specifically how the movie went back in time halfway and then focused on another character. Doing it like that made me first feel like one of the confused suspects then after the switch, I felt like I was also a detective who was one clue away from solving the case. Basically, it made me feel immersed in the story and made the movie even more entertaining to watch, so I would give it a 9 out of 10.


I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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