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Building Sets Review

So for Christmas, I got 3 different types of building kits so I thought I’d review all 3 and rank them.


I have to give the spot at the bottom to the UGears set. While I was happy with the end result and would possibly do another set like it the actual building was horrible. There were a few times I just wanted to smash it because I was getting super frustrated. All of that is definitely because of the material, not only was it hard to push it into its slot I also always felt like something was going to break. Which I did end up breaking one piece(luckily it was one of like 2 pieces that had a spare) because I thought I fucked something up because it wasn’t spinning. The one positive is that its directions were pretty understandable.


The second spot goes to this metal scorpion set from a company called Gonmoso(I think). I really liked this one because it is super unique, instead of the thin sheets of metal sets you can get everywhere this one is thick pieces of metal and you use tiny screws to put it together. Where the UGears set was annoyingly difficult this one was a fun type of difficult. The only problem this one had was that its directions weren’t the best. There were some parts where the pictures weren’t very clear, the order of the directions would have been better if the were switched, and there was one section were you had to infer that you use certain pieces instead of it just telling you. But if I was able to find another set like this I would 100% do another one.


And of course, the #1 spot goes to the Lego set! I don’t really need to explain why this one gets the top spot since if you know you know but for those who don’t here’s why. First, the material is perfect, it isn’t hard to put together and it’s also very easy to take apart. Second, the directions are perfect they’re extremely easy to understand and the pictures are very clear. So in my eyes, Lego sets are the GOAT of all building sets so obviously it’s the best one.


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