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Live-action ATLA thoughts

As the eventual release date of the Netflix show creeps closer and closer I wanted to share some of my thoughts. First, I do have to admit that I’m relatively optimistic about how this show is going to turn out because let us be honest it can’t be worse than the movie. Sure I’m trying to prepare myself for it not meeting my expectations but I’m hoping that the second time’s the charm. I mean, they already fixed the casting problem and the fact that it’s a series and not a movie should help too.

And I feel like for me to see the show as a success they really only have to do two more things. One, pronounce the names correctly there was absolutely no reason to change the pronunciation(it was just plain stupid). Two, fix the bending; it was absolute trash in the movie so if they put even an ounce of effort into the choreography/special effects then it will be infinitely better. As long as those are fixed I think I can live with anything else they change. Well… that’s not entirely true, if they make it to the end and decide not to have Aang and Katara as a couple then everything else will be ruined. But I’m preparing myself for it to be dark and more adult-ish, so if it does happen I’m not going to be surprised and might actually enjoy it.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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