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Shazam Fury of the Gods Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of the DC movies, especially now since it looks like the universe is going to be redone, but out of them all I think I enjoyed Shazam the most. So, going into Fury of the Gods I was cautiously optimistic. And just like the first movie, I think I’ve ultimately decided it’s an okay movie, not great but okay. It had funny moments, cliché moments, and some stupid moments. All of the good and bad basically equaled out to have the movie land in the middle ground. In other words, I had fun watching the movie but I won’t feel compelled to watch it again.

I do want to mention as a huge fan of Greek mythology my favorite part of this movie was of course the Greek mythology all throughout the movie. Specifically the mythological creatures and even more specifically the unicorn. Those unicorns were so cool looking that it made me super happy seeing them. So with all the good and the okay in this movie I would give it a 6 out of 10.



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