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Renfield Review

I was excited when I heard about this movie, but I tried to keep my enthusiasm to a minimum because it could have gone very bad, but luckily I was not disappointed. It was everything and nothing like I’d expected. The gore and violence were top notch some of it even surprised me, even though I was expecting it to be insane. While I was semi-shocked about the violence(in a good way) the comedy was exactly what I was hoping for, funny but not over the top. There weren’t jokes or gags every five seconds, which I think helped make the movie more serious. The seriousness/heart was something I was definitely not expecting but immensely enjoyed anyways.

Another thing that made this movie really good was that the casting was great. I don’t normally pay attention to that but for some reason, I noticed it in this movie. Every actor fits their role perfectly and that in turn makes the movie that much better. All in all, I would give this movie a 7.5 out of 10. (it only loses a few points since I’m stupid and prefer that Dracula isn’t a villain in my vampire movies)



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