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Polite Society Review

I had high hopes for this movie when I first saw the trailer, but those hopes weren’t really met. It was fun to watch but it ultimately left me more confused than satisfied. The best way to describe this movie was that it was ridiculous. And while some movies can be amazing by being ridiculous this one sadly was not. It’s like the movie didn’t know if it wanted to be serious or crazy. One minute it’s about a girl in the normal situation of parents not approving of her career path the next there’s a weird-ass plot about clone insemination. There were too many parts that made it more confusing than good. Like how did so many people know martial arts or why in the world were all of the wedding guests okay with trying to trap the bride? I was also constantly confused if all the fight scenes were supposed to be actually happening or if they were imaginary fights in Ria’s head.

I think I would have been way better if two things were fixed. First, instead of having the in-law do some mad scientist stuff they should have just been secret assholes. It’s a way less convoluted plot that doesn’t add more questions and what-ifs than needed. Also, I feel like all of Ria’s fights should have been in her head. Since that way wouldn’t create any questions like “What about the destroyed stuff?” or “Why does everyone know how to fight?”. Basically, I would give this movie a 6 out of 10, fun to watch but way too many wtf moments.



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