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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Now that the grace period for spoilers has passed I feel like I can give my review for the new Spider-Man, but I’m still going to try to not give specific details because I still don’t like spoilers for a movie this important. So, that being said this might be a short review.

Straight up this movie was perfect! I can’t think of any flaws, someone else might but I can’t. It has everything a multiverse Spider-Man movie needs and everything and more I could want. Particularly a certain cameo from an unexpected character(if you’ve seen it yet you know who I’m talking about) that I just love! Besides for that this movie had me experiencing all of the emotions, which I always think makes for a really good movie. Just the entire movie was an amazing edition to the MCU and a great experience to watch in theaters opening weekend. So, I confidently give this movie a 10 out of 10!



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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