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The King’s Man Review

I feel conflicted with The King’s Man because it was a great and emotional movie but it was honestly a let down as a Kingsman movie as a whole. By that I mean the fact that kind of lacked the absurdity the pervious movies had. Like heads exploding in a rainbow of colors or robot dogs that see Elton John as a friend, The King’s Man just didn’t have anything of that level of craziness. Sure it had a few moments, particularly any scene with Rasputin, but on the whole it had mostly normal stuff for a war/spy movie.

Now, if you try to not compare this movie to its predecessors then it’s a very good movie. Great action, great casting, and a story that made me cry. It was truly a great movie but sadly it is connected so I have a real hard time loving it as it. So, I don’t love it but I definitely strongly like it and give it a strong 6 out of 10.



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