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9-1-1 Season 6 Fall Finale Review

Ever since I finally bit the bullet and started watching this show after watching a million and one clips on Facebook I have loved it. My favorite part is that it somehow feels both ridiculous and legit simultaneously. Like it has some out-of-this-world scenarios but the way they go about solving the problem is very matter-of-factly. Which I like much better than other medical dramas that almost seem pretentious by comparison. This show only takes itself seriously in one aspect and that’s the character drama. I love every last character and can’t wait to see where their lives go.

Okay now that I talked about the show in general here are my thoughts on this half of the season. If you haven’t caught up then sucks for you because this is going to have some big spoilers. I’ve enjoyed most of the drama besides one part… Buck being a sperm donor for his friend. I’m just worried about how complicated this is going to become. Because Bucks already thinking of himself as a dad and it’s going to crush him when the parents inevitably don’t want him in the baby’s life. And I can’t deal with anything hurting my Buck(he’s my favorite obviously). But besides Bucks’ drama, everyone else’s drama was at a normal level with a normal chance of resolving itself. I give this show an 8 out of 10 and can’t wait to see how the current drama unfolds when it comes back in the spring.

Oh yeah I almost forgot to add that I’m one of those fans who really really really want Eddie and Buck to get together so I hope one day soon that happens!



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