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PJO Thoughts

With the announcement that filming has wrapped on the PJO series, I wanted to share some thoughts I had(mostly thoughts I had due to comments on the internet). Firstly of course is all the hubbub about the hair colors and I do have to admit that I was pretty bummed at first when I heard that both Walker and Leah weren’t dyeing their hair. I think that mostly came from the fact that I myself dye my hair any random color on a whim so I automatically had the thought “it’s just dyeing your hair that’s not a big deal”. But as time passed I realized that the characters’ hair color has literally zero effect on the story. And I think because of this series specifically, I’ve started to really take the “it doesn’t matter what they look like as long as they embody the character right” to heart. As I’ve seen other people say, just because they look like the character doesn’t mean they’d be a good fit.

Another thought I had is due to the fact that I keep seeing people bitch about how Disney is going to Disneyfy the series. And my first thought on that is, have people forgotten who published the books in the first place? Because when I look at the bottom of the spine of my copies I see this little bit of writing that says Disney Hyperion. Now I’m no expert in publishing companies and subsidiaries and all the weird legal lingo stuff but when I see Disney clear as day on a book I think “oh this is connected to Disney so clearly it won’t go against the image of Disney”. So why would they need to “Disneyfy” something that could already be considered Disney in the first place?

My only fear I had for this show was that it was going to be like the Artemis Fowl movie which completely changed the plot and premise of the books. But that fear was completely squashed when I heard how involved Rick Riordan is in the show, so for all the haters out there just chill down already, if it’s good enough for Rick then it’s good enough for me.



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