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BattleBots S07 E06: Predictions

Still trying to correctly guess that elusive 7 out of 7 so let’s hope for success this time.

Jackpot vs. Rotator

I keep flipping back and forth with who to pick with this fight so I guess I pick Jackpot.

Switchback vs. Deathroll

This is another coin-flip fight for me so I’m going for Deathroll on this one.

Big Dill vs. Skorpios

Obviously, I have to root for my favorite type of bot in this one, so Skorpios.

End Game vs. Ripperoni

I would love to root for Ripperoni but End Game is just to solid so I bet End Game will win.

Valkyrie vs. Banshee

I enjoy a flipper bot so I’ve got to pick Banshee in this fight.

Hijinx vs. Captain Shrederator

I’ve got to pick Hijinx in this fight.

Tantrum vs. Hydra

Time for a rematch! And just like last time, I’m rooting for Hydra to win.



I love movies!!!!!!!!!!

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