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The Lance Brody Series Books 0-7 Review

It took a while but I finally finished the whole box set that I got on my Kindle. So I’m going to share my thoughts on the series as a whole. My overall feeling was that this was a good series but I keep flipping back and forth on whether or not I liked certain parts of the series. The first part I was conflicted about was Lance’s abilities, specifically that they all were basically just mental powers and no actual physical powers. Throughout the whole series, I kept switching my mind on whether I liked that it was just mental powers or if I was sad that Lance didn’t have anything like telekinesis. But I think ultimately in the end I found it refreshing, I also enjoyed the fact that he had absolutely no clue how everything worked. That just made me laugh the whole time.

I wasn’t necessarily conflicted about whether I liked it or not about the other part of the series I wanted to talk about, but I definitely have strong feelings about it. And that is the fact that Lance was the Universe’s puppet and it seemed like he had only 10% free will. I kept getting annoyed that Lance never had a huge blowout complaining about how shitty it is that it seems like nothing was truly just his decision. I know that that’s not the type of person Lance and he accepts that’s how his life is most of the time but I still would have liked a scene like that since that’s how I was feeling the whole time. I was getting aggravated on Lance’s behalf that every little decision he made seemed to have importance and that nothing was truly random. But kind of like the powers part I also found that very interesting.

All in all, I give this series a 7 out of 10, very entertaining to read.



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