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Magic Mike Last Dance Review

Where other movies need a compelling plot to be good the only type of plot a Magic Mike movie should have is “let’s dance and strip”. Which is why I don’t think this movie was that great. Of all of the Magic Mike movies my favorite was the second because it was simply a fun movie with dancing strippers, nothing too serious. Now Last Dance seemed like it wanted to try and strike a balance between the seriousness of the first Magic Mike and the wildness of the second but in doing that it only made it feel like it was lacking in both areas. There was only the bare bare bare minimum of plot and instead of adding to the movie it just made it more confusing because every little plot detail that was added just felt rushed.

And another problem that comes from trying to add in a plot is that it takes away from the dancing. The whole reason I went to see a Magic Mike movie is for the dancing so it’s a pretty big disappointment when there are only like 2.5 scenes with Mike himself dancing. Honestly, the only good thing that actually came out of this movie was the butler, I love a bitchy butler. But sadly one cool butler can’t save an entire movie by himself. Basically, I was hoping it was going to be way more fun than it was so I have to give it a 5 out of 10 for its very minor entertainment value.



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