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Bad Cinderella Review

Even before seeing this musical, I had already heard the mixed reviews of it and I honestly don’t understand the bad reviews. Sure it’s not going to be the next Phantom of the Opera or Hamilton but it clearly wasn’t even trying to be in the first place. It’s very obvious that this isn’t a show that takes itself seriously and is just trying to have some fun. I mean anyone who saw a single preview clip and had half a brain could tell that this show was going to be ridiculous. So, that’s exactly what I went in expecting and of course that’s what I got, a fun crazy Cinderella story with a bunch of shirtless men(which I won’t deny I quite enjoyed).

Sure I wasn’t a huge fan of every single song but I really enjoyed Cinderella’s outfit and the sets. Which I feel like made up for the songs I didn’t like as much. What did surprise me was how it was both a twist on the classic Cinderella story while also staying true to the original story. I felt like it gave you the best of both worlds that way. While other people didn’t like this musical I actually had a lot of fun watching it and would give it a 7 out of 10.



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