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Six The Musical Review

Here’s another musical for the hit pile! Everything about this show was excellent the story…superb, the costumes…top-notch, and the songs…bangers. I had so much fun watching this show. I loved how not only every character was so unique that I couldn’t pick a favorite but so too were the songs. But, I might not be to pick my favorite wife or my favorite song but I can pick my favorite part of the entire show. That is of course the costumes! I am a huge sucker for really really cool costumes and this show hit it out of the park. I loved every outfit which is actually surprising for someone who’s a staunch disliker of the color pink. But hey, even I can’t hate on the awesomeness of these outfits.

Honestly, I can’t even really think of something bad about this show. Even its length was perfect, not too long and not too short, juuuust right. Not to mention that it was informative in a super fun way just like Hamilton. And just like Hamilton after a few watches/listens I’ll have this new little chunk of history memorized to a T. Now, I said there isn’t anything bad about this show but there is one thing I wished they’d change to make it a million times better for me. I wish they made it less concert-like and more actual show-like. I personally like Broadway shows better than concerts so I do wish it was a tad less like a concert. But that’s the only thing I wished was different so this show gets a big 9 out of 10.



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