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Dragon Thief (The Skystone Chronicles Book 1) Review

Are you looking for a book with dragons, magic, and a flirty main character who constantly does stupid risky things? Then Dragon Thief is for you! I loved everything thing about this book but there are a few things specifically that I want to talk about. First off are the maps and guides!!!! Any book that includes a map immediately becomes ten times better but Dragon Thief also includes guides about the magic and other creatures which is AMAZING. It’s a perfect and unique way to teach the readers about important details in the book without actually talking about them in the book.

The second thing that I really enjoyed was the actual writing of the book. Normally I only really pay attention to the plot and characters but the writing really stuck out to me in this book. Three things stuck out to me in this book the setup of chapters vs. visions vs. fragments, the switching from different characters’ POV, and how Asher’s POV was unique to everyone else’s. I thought the distinction between chapters/visions/fragments was a nice way to make things very clear and precise. Now I recently read a different book that really annoyed me with how they balanced the POV switches so I was extremely happy with this book. Dragon Thief not only had the primary POV be Asher’s(the clear main character) it also made his POV even more distinct by having it be the only one that used “I”. As much as I love getting different point of views from different characters I love it even more when there is a very obvious main character.

Now, I love everything about this book but I do have one complaint… I wanted Asher to be even more special!!! From the beginning, I was predicting and hoping he would bond with the true dragon, so I was pretty disappointed when it wasn’t him. I was a little sad because by the end of the book, he’s not the only Astromancer and he’s not the only one with a dragon bond. The only thing that makes him stand out at that point is that he’s a half-blood which is not enough for me! I want my mc to be the bestest most specialist awesomest character ever! So I hope by the end he becomes even more awesome than he already is.

Oh, I almost forgot, but I of course give this book a 9 out of 10.


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