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Invisible City Review

When you start a new show with the knowledge that another season is already planned it’s great because you know if you end up liking it you’ll be happy because more is coming but then that happiness quickly turns to sadness when you finish the show and there’s no release date for the second season yet. That’s exactly what’s happening with me right now after watching Invisible City. I’ve known it was a show on Netflix for a while now, but I finally decided to watch it, and man, am I happy I did. I am a huge fan of folklore, mythology, supernatural, and all of the above so I get really excited when I not only find a new show but a show about a culture I don’t know much about. Literally, the only myth I already knew about was the pink river dolphins so this show was all new to me.

Besides adding more folklore knowledge to my repertoire this show was also excellently made. All of the characters had great depth to them and their respective actors and actresses were great. Not to mention the special effects were really good. But even though I loved everything about this show there are about 2 things I would have liked to be added. Number one of course is I wished the episodes were longer, while I enjoyed the shorter episodes because they were easier to digest I wished there was more so that it lasted longer. I also would have loved it if instead of the title sequence they had it instead was like a bunch of excerpts from the folklore book Luna read. Because I feel like that would have been a really clever way to introduce watchers to more legends without spoiling too much and give them some more info about the entities that do show up. With these changes I think the show would be perfect but even without them I still give the show a 9 out of 10.



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